STEM Curriculum

Curriculum - Junior School

Canterbury College offers students the cutting edge in educational experiences through a 21st century interdisciplinary STEM approach. Students are immersed in real-world integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths student driven projects and challenges which focus on enhancing their general capacities through critical and creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

This learning approach ensures our graduates are highly skilled and capable citizens to lead change in tomorrow’s workforce when they graduate.

The below photo gallery is just a snapshot of the boundless STEM opportunities students are immersed in on a day to day basis within Junior School classrooms.

Curriculum - Middle and Senior Schools

Canterbury College's STEM Excellence program is an inclusive, innovative approach to curriculum which includes extension programs plus University and professional links. There are also opportunities for integrated projects based learning.


Canterbury College’s Science curriculum provides a diverse range of engaging learning opportunities and innovative practical applications to prepare for addressing real world contexts. 

Senior students have the opportunity to extend their studies through direct University pathways by studying first year University units while at school.

Science Open Afternoon

Science and Engineering Challenge (Griffith University and Rotary) hosted by Canterbury College

Year 7 Science with QUT 

Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge

Year 7 Science - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Excursion

Senior Chemistry - Queensland Titration Competition

Senior Biology Camp

Design and Technology

Canterbury College’s Design and Technology curriculum is constantly adapting to cater for students successfully preparing for the technology driven future ahead. Students have access to emerging technology resources to support gaining knowledge and skills for these growing fields. Hence there is more to come and an exciting future ahead.


Canterbury College’s Maths curriculum provides a rigorous approach towards learning as they cater for all students’ abilities. Students benefit from applying calculations that eventually help solve complex real world problems across many fields in the current and future workplace.