Facilities and Resources

Canterbury College offers students the benefit of our excellent STEM facilities and resources.

From exploring Bee Bots in Kindergarten, drones in Prep, Sphero coding and robotics in Junior School to laser technology, 3D printing and virtual reality to amazing Science investigation experiments, CNC Routers, Arduinos and Lego robotics in Secondary School - there's something for everyone in the “Next is Now” world of STEM at Canterbury.

We were excited to open our brand new Research and Next Centre in July 2017, featuring upstairs a bright and engaging Senior Library and downstairs an interactive and future-focussed Digital Hub.

The Research and Next Centre was designed to create an opportunity for students to further develop their skills of Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking by working in this cutting edge space.

The Digital Hub features a mixed realities room (we were the first school in Australia to have an Eon I-bench for 3D stereoscopic Augmented Reality and one of the first schools in Australia to use hololens in curriculum), conference room, video wall, Z Space tablets (we were the first school in Queensland to be using these), Surface Studios, HP Sprouts, 3D printers, a competition size robotics table, humanoid robots, floor projectors, drones, and much more.

The Digital Hub is also being used by extracurricular groups such as the Google CS First Coding Club, the Young ICT Explorers, Drone Club and the F1 Challenge Teams.