Canterbury College offers students the boundless potential of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning through a diverse range of engaging innovative academic courses, extracurricular, exciting extension programs, excursions, incursions, competitions and amazing STEM extracurricular opportunities across our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

STEM@Canterbury provides students strong pathways to be better prepared for their STEM driven future.

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The Importance of STEM

SOURCE: QLD STEM Education Network

Canterbury College Strategic Plans promote STEM

Canterbury College supports an inclusive, student-centred and innovative approach to providing our STEM learning activities across a range of students’ abilities and interests.

Students benefit from STEM learning integrated in engaging curriculum lessons, creative extracurricular activities and extension opportunities through university and professional partnerships. Facilitated by well qualified and dedicated teachers, students develop STEM knowledge and skills, as well as how to effectively collaborate, innovate and problem solve for the real world.