Secondary School

Secondary School encompasses Years 7 – 12 and caters for a diverse range of learning and pastoral needs. 

Year 7 and 8 students see a period of rapid physical, emotional and intellectual development, which is why our programs centre around character building, team skills and engagement. By Year 9, students are striving to become confident learners, so engaging with their teachers and shaping their curriculum sees students look into the future and establish their identity and place in this everchanging world. Often known as a transition year, in Year 10 students focus on their future career and tertiary education paths, while by Year 11 and 12, students have their future pathways firmly in place. 

Canterbury College’s Anglican Ethos provides students with a solid framework as a foundation for their decisions and actions.

All programs offered at Canterbury are tailored to optimise learning outcomes and encompass a very broad curriculum, individualised guidance, and a range of vocational, academic and extracurricular opportunities designed to lead into diverse career pathways. A wide variety of activities are offered to engage and support students in their chosen fields, internally and externally, with students able to extend their education beyond the classroom. The College encourages students to undertake service contributions and represent Canterbury at elite academic, cultural and sporting competitions and events throughout the year. 

With premium facilities critical to the formation of future happy, capable, well adjusted and successful adults, Canterbury provides students with many advanced facilities including an International standard running track, sporting ovals and fields, and indoor and outdoor gymnasiums. 

We also have the unique Canterbury College Arts Academy that immerses talented students in extension and enrichment experiences which may lead them into career pathways in the Arts or simply provide an outlet for them to showcase their talents. 

Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers take pride in working with all students to ensure Canterbury Secondary School graduates are World Ready: well rounded and highly competent in developing their strengths further to achieve future success.