Middle School

Message from the Dean of Middle School

Canterbury College’s National Award-winning Middle School supports and guides students in Years 7, 8 and 9 as they transition from childhood towards young adulthood. This is a period of rapid physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Our focus for our Middle School students is engagement. Students at this age want to learn about things that interest them, to take on the world around them, and they face challenges which seem quite significant at this stage in their life. Students are establishing their own identity and place in this rapidly changing world and are becoming confident learners engaged with their teachers and curriculum. We tailor our programs to optimise learning outcomes.

Our sports programs are crucial to engaging middle school students and the College supports students of all abilities, utilising our sporting ovals, gyms and facilities.

We offer a wide variety of sports.

We run workshops and have state-of-the-art science labs.

Our drama, music, film and television, choir and dance programs run out of our drama rooms, performance areas and events centre.

Good facilities are critical in the formation of happy, capable, well-adjusted and successful future adults. The College’s Anglican Ethos provides students with a solid framework as a foundation for their decisions and actions.

Middle School at Canterbury is student centered, with high expectations and a determination to ensure all learners achieve success. The academic program is underpinned by activities, camps, excursions and a rich and diverse selection of extracurricular activities.

Middle School students have opportunities to extend their education beyond the classroom by undertaking service contributions and by representing the College at elite academic, cultural and sporting competitions and events.

Mrs Tammy Roth

Dean of Middle School