Junior School Leadership

Within the Junior School are a number of leadership positions which are held by students in Year 6.

These include:

  • Two Junior School Captains (male/female)
  • Two Junior School Vice Captains (male/female)
  • Two House Captains per House
  • One Humanitarian Captain per House
  • Library Captains.

Year 5 Leadership Program

A Leadership Program is run in Year 5 to prepare students for the above leadership positions. This includes a Leadership Cam p and Leadership day in Term 4, focussing on what makes a good leader.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises the Junior School Captains as chairpersons and the elected Form Captains for each semester. The SRC meets fortnightly and provides a voice for students to discuss any suggestions they may have to improve our Junior School. Each semester, two form captains (male/female) are elected for each class in Years 4 – 6. They are expected to be excellent role models for the other students in their class.