Academic Programs

English - Research shows that early literacy achievement is essential in the development of the individual, and that success in these subjects by the end of Year 1 is a predictor of life-long success. Canterbury has introduced early literacy programs and accompanying additional literacy resources.

The Australian Curriculum for English is fully implemented, and the College has maintained emphasis on supporting the needs of individual students. It is recognised that students learn differently and strategies and programs within each classroom reflect this philosophy.

The College has a Kindy to Year 6 Home Reading program, and in addition Junior School students participate in the following extra literacy activities, including: the ICAS Competition in English; Reader’s Cup and the Premier’s Reading Challenge; Book Week festivities; spelling and literature competitions; and QDU Round Robin Debating.

Maths - Mathematics is best learned through hands-on experiences. The College offers students a multitude of resources, enabling teachers to encourage experimentation and a joy of learning, where students achieve by doing.

Junior School students also participate in Maths Olympiad and the ICAS Competition in Mathematics.

Science: Science teaching has undergone major change at Canterbury in recent years. The new, purpose-built, fully equipped Science Laboratory, together with the Australian Curriculum, have enabled teaching and learning in Science to be at the forefront of contemporary best practice. Students complete dynamic, interesting and challenging Science tasks taught by a specialist Science teacher, which helps develop their naturally curious and analytic minds.

History: History is taught as a stand-alone subject, developing not only comprehensive historical knowledge but also broad inquiry skills that can also be used effectively in other curriculum areas as well. All year levels participate in History-related excursions.

Technology: Students and families are encouraged to interact with the latest technology and apply this in supporting student learning. The College offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program from Year 3, supported by a Learning Management System (LMS) that is available to all parents and students. All Canterbury College classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology which is incorporated into the learning process to enhance students’ learning experiences and opportunities.

Technology is integrated into all subjects throughout the Junior School curriculum.

For more information about BYOD, in the Junior School, click here.

Music, Drama and Visual Art: Specialist teachers work across the Junior School to develop students’ skills in Music, Drama and Visual Art. The program is designed to build skills, identify gifts and create and foster talented performers, as can be seen through the many capable groups across the Junior and Secondary Schools.

Year 3 students learn a stringed instrument as part of their music program. An instrument is provided by the College for each child to learn and practise on throughout the year. Many students continue on with their music tuition and join the various music ensembles available.

Physical Education: Specialist teachers work with all students Kindergarten to Year 6 in weekly lessons designed to improve their skills and fitness while also teaching them a love of physical activity and how to be good sports. Students also participate in weekly Health lessons, with a focus on wellbeing.