Tertiary Programs

Canterbury College values partnerships with the Tertiary Institutions and one initiative has been the negotiation with Griffith University to deliver the following courses at Canterbury College which are part of the Griffith University GUESTS Program.

Courses included within this program are Introduction to Performance Skills, Introduction to Drawing, Design in an Interdisciplinary Studio Context, and Biology and Chemistry pathway courses.

Students who undertake a university course may be eligible for a Guaranteed Offer of Entry to their preferred course and may also receive a Bonus Rank Point and QCE point if completed successfully.

Only high achieving students are invited into these programs and most institutions require the students to be following an OP Pathway.

Students also have an opportunity to undertake individual study at universities, TAFE and Private Colleges while in Senior School. Students can complete a unit of study from a variety of institutions.

Students have completed units of study at universities in the following domains:

Aviation Technology, Accounting, Criminology, Communication, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Information Technology, Law, Marketing, Media, Nursing, Psychology.