Maths Team Challenge

The Logan-Gold Coast Mathematics Team Challenge has taken place at Canterbury College since 2012. The event has been a great success, with over 60 teams and 20 schools taking part. 

Details on the 2020 challenge will be announced later in the year.


    • To stimulate interest in mathematics and creative problem solving
    • To provide a day of intellectual fun in a scholarly atmosphere


    • Teams should consist of five students. Additional students may be brought as reserves if desired.
    • There are two events: the Team Event and the Relay Event
    • Reserves may be substituted between events.
    • In the Team Event, problems are solved collectively by the entire team.
    • Teams compete in one of four divisions.
    • In the Relay Event, problems are solved consecutively by team pairs.


    • Primary - students from Years 5 and 6 with at least 2 from Year 5 in each event
    • Junior - students from Years 7 and 8 with at least 2 from Year 7 in each event
    • Intermediate - students from Years 9 and 10 with at least 2 from Year 9 in each event
    • Senior - students from Years 11 and 12 with at least 2 from Year 11 in each event


    • Schools may send as many teams as they like.
    • A supervisor must accompany each team.

– In the Senior Division, supervisors must be an adult (teacher, other staff member or parent).

    • In the other divisions, the supervisors may be a teacher, another staff member, a parent or a responsible Year 11 or 12 student.


    • Students should bring writing implements, working paper (maybe 50 sheets per team) and a calculator (four-function, scientific, graphics or CAS).


    • There will be a sausage sizzle at lunch time ($2 for a sausage with bread, $2 for a soft drink). Students should bring either lunch or lunch money. Lunch will be provided free for all supervisors.


    • Shields will be presented to the school with the highest combined score in each of the four divisions. Medallions will also be presented to each student in the top three teams in each division.

For further information, including past papers, contact Mr Jason Baber at Canterbury College: