Academic Competitions

A diverse range of competitions is available to students, including local, state, national and international events.

Some competitions extend interested and capable students while others challenge larger numbers and provide useful information to teachers and parents and enable students themselves to benchmark their performances.

Competitions in which Canterbury students regularly take part include:

  • International Competitions for Assessment in Schools (ICAS) competitions in English, Spelling, Writing, Mathematics and Science
  • The Australian Mathematics Competition
  • The Maths Team Challenge
  • Mathletics World Challenge
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Opti-Minds
  • Readers Cup
  • The Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • The Courier Mail Spelling Bee
  • IEUA-QNT (Independent Education Union of Australia) Literary Competition
  • ·The Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge
  • Australian Space Design Competition
  • International Space Settlement Design Competition
  • Mooting (simulated court cases)
  • The Share Market Game
  • Interschool Chess Competitions
  • Canterbury Idol Talent Quest
  • Formula 1 Design Competition