​Senior Sport

Canterbury College provides year-round opportunities for Middle and Senior School students of all skill levels and interests to participate in a range of sports. Through the Senior Sport (TAS) program students can participate in interschool competitions and represent the College in both The Associated Schools (TAS) sporting competition, which currently includes nine schools from across the wider Brisbane area, as well as other competitions.

The sports offered through the TAS system include:

  • Athletics (boys and girls)
  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Cricket (boys)
  • Cross Country (boys and girls)
  • Hockey (girls)
  • Netball (girls)
  • Rugby Union (boys)
  • Soccer (boys)
  • Touch Football (girls)
  • Swimming (boys and girls)
  • Tennis (boys and girls)
  • Volleyball (boys and girls).

Other Sports Students can also participate in:

  • Rowing (boys and girls)
  • AFL (boys and girls)
  • Cheerleading (boys and girls)
  • Equestrian (boys and girls)
  • Futsal (boys and girls)
  • Gym (boys and girls).

Representative Pathways The College encourages students to pursue representative opportunities. The traditional pathway involves progression through the following:

  • School Team
  • District Team
  • South Coast Team
  • Queensland Team
  • National Team.

Canterbury students regularly achieve representative honours right up to the highest levels.

Wet Weather

Wet Weather Information is provided via notifications on the College App and by calling the Wet Weather Phone Hotline on 07 3299 0995 after 6.30am.