“I love Canterbury College because Canterbury College’s international student support is excellent. My friends at Canterbury College are friendly and very helpful. They are always talking to me, even though I am not good at English. My teacher is always so helpful. They help me a lot with my academic work. When I don’t understand English or other subjects, they always help me. I wish I could go to an Australian University in the future, after I graduate from Canterbury College. I want to study medicine and those kind of areas. I was happy to come to Canterbury College.” Nariyoshi, Japanese student

“I absolutely love it here. The teachers, they’re very helpful, they’re funny and whenever you have a question you can just go ask them and they’re willing to help all the time. I really like the environment in our school. We have the bush, we have the oval, it’s very beautiful. It’s lovely to study here. After graduation, I would like to become a teacher just like the teachers here, to help students achieve their goals and improve their grades. Thank you so much Canterbury College for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and so many amazing teachers.” Sally, Chinese student

“Canterbury College has given me the opportunity to choose subjects that interest me, to take part in sports and make many friends.” Mingwei, Chinese student