Extracurricular Drama at Canterbury College allows students to further explore dramatic forms and styles through a range of drama groups. Students use and develop their creativity, thinking skills and technical understandings about drama to imagine and explore behaviour, relationships, emotions and beliefs in different situations and contexts.

Canterbury Theatre Company (Years 10 – 12)

The Canterbury Theatre Company, the College’s premiere extracurricular Drama group, is for students who wish to further their performance skills in a practical environment. Students work on scripted plays throughout the year for public performance. The CTC program is designed to complement classroom Drama, with entry via auditions, and open to a maximum of 20 students.

In 2016, the CTC rehearsed Beach: A Theatrical Fantasia, a script which offered students opportunities to experiment with non-narrative structures and exciting theatrical effects. The setting was an archetypal Australian beach where time shifts like sand dunes and historical and contemporary characters drift in and out. This panoramic play has both comic and stunningly serious moments as it explores the influence of the beach on the Australian psyche.

In 2015, the CTC worked with the Queensland Theatre Company on The Scene Project, in which College students will had the chance to access a newly commissioned script from Brisbane-based author Maxine Mellor, entitled The Fledglings (based on the work of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull), and worked on a 15-minute scene which was performed at the Bille Brown Studio at South Brisbane.

In 2014, the CTC performed the original science-fiction Cinematic Theatre show Genesis 2: A New Beginning, in association with our production partners Markwell Presents, about a group of refugees having to abandon a dying Earth to start a new life in the stars. The production was performed in October in the Canterbury College Auditorium, and featured numerous multimedia elements.

CTC rehearsals take place every Friday afternoon, from 3:45 – 5:00pm, in the College Auditorium.

Theatresports (Years 7 - 12)

Canterbury College is a part of the annual Youth Theatresports competition, in which schools compete against each other through a variety of improvised performances. Improvisation processes, as popularised by the TV shows Thank God You’re Here and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, ignite spontaneity, develop lateral thinking, encourage team work and release the potential artist in us all. The results are tangible.

In 2011, Canterbury students were awarded the Judge’s Vote for Best Newcomers, while in 2012, our team made it through to the semi-finals and in 2013 and 2015, to the quarter finals.

Canterbury fields 2 teams (one from the Middle School, one from the Senior School), with weekly training sessions taking place on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:45pm – 5:00pm in the M Block Dance Studio.

Middle School Players (Years 7 - 9)

The Middle School Players is open to students in Years 7 – 9 who have experienced a taste of Drama and want more. This ensemble helps students develop dramatic skills and learn how to devise performances for an audience. The weekly workshops and rehearsals will cover such aspects of performance as improvisation, playbuilding, monologues and audition pieces, and rehearsing scripted playtexts. A showcase evening performance at the end of the year will be the culmination of all of the work the students have undertaken throughout the year.

The Middle School Players will meet every Wednesday afternoon, from 3:45pm – 5:00pm, in the M Block Dance Studio.

Junior School Players (Years 3 - 6)

The Junior School Players is a great opportunity for students to develop foundation dramatic skills and devise performances for an audience in a fun and practical environment. The students will engage in weekly workshop opportunities, including a variety of fun and energetic Drama games, to allow them to become confident and entertaining performers.

The Junior School Players will meet every Wednesday afternoon, from 3:30pm – 4:15pm, in the Canterbury Events Centre.