Wellbeing Program

To be the best you can be, you must ensure your wellbeing is looked after. That’s why at Canterbury, we explore the latest research into wellbeing and use it to ensure our students can learn at their full potential.

We have implemented a mindful meditation program, with classes from Junior right through to Senior School take part in Smiling Minds mindfulness and meditation sessions, which calm and clear the mind and reduce stress in young people. Canterbury staff also undertake Smiling Mind training and participate in sessions too.

The Engine Room, also known as the Sensory Motor Program, is well established and many students have shown significant development. 

We also have stand-up desks and weighted toys for students to hold and play with in class.

All staff have access to a Wellbeing program which includes onsite yoga, boot camps, running, social occasions, massage, random acts of kindness and more. These programs are put in place to increase staff camaraderie, morale, and boost health and fitness.