Student Protection

At Canterbury College, protection of our students is of paramount importance.

The College has adopted the Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures 2015, Anglican Church Southern Queensland. This policy and procedures manual is attached below, and defines clearly all actions to be taken if a member of staff or a parent of the College becomes aware, or reasonably suspects, that a student under the age of 18 has been harmed or is at risk of harm, by people outside the College, a staff member, or other students.

Student Protection Officers at Canterbury College include:

Mr Daniel Walker (Principal),

Mr Bill Garland (Head of Junior School), 

Mr Greg Wacker (Dean of Students), and

Mr Fergus Trevethan (Counsellor).

Information for Parents and Carers

What should I do if I am aware or suspect a student is being harmed?

If you become aware or reasonably suspect that harm has been caused, or there is a risk of harm to a student of Canterbury College by someone outside of the College, a member of staff, or by other students, you should report your concerns to the Principal or a Student Protection Officer. You can also report any concerns to any other member of staff.

How will the College help?

The Principal will: 

  • ensure that each staff member and volunteer understands and fulfils their obligations under the Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures
  • ensure that all employees adhere to this policy and procedures and relevant school procedure in all activities and behaviours
  • ensure that where necessary appropriate support is provided to students and staff if related to a student protection allegation or concern
  • If the Principal receives a report of harm to your child, they will support the child by:
  • responding rapidly and diligently to the report
  • reassuring the student
  • protecting the child’s confidentiality as much as possible
  • offering continuous support
  • providing counselling if needed.
  • Will my report remain confidential?

    Reports will be treated respectfully and in a confidential manner. Any action that needs to be taken under staff disciplinary procedures as a result of an allegation not requiring police intervention, will be handled within the College. Parents’ and students’ relationships and privacy will be respected as much as possible. Any concerns raised by parents will not adversely affect their children.

    Please note that each person who has access to information regarding suspected or disclosed harm, has an obligation to observe appropriate confidentiality. However, the College is unable to promise absolute confidentiality since the Child Protection Policy requires some details to be disclosed internally and/or externally. State authorities can also compel people to give evidence about actions under the policy and to produce documents. You will be fully informed if the College is required to provide your information to a third party.

    What should I do if I need more information?

    Copies of the Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures Manual are available on the College website - see links below - and Canvas. Hard copies of the manual are also available in the Senior Library and at the Junior and Secondary Administration offices, where parents, staff and students can access information during office hours. You may also make an appointment to discuss the policy with the Principal if you wish to clarify any matters.

    Information for Students

    Whom should I tell if I am not feeling safe at the College or home?

    Every student has the right to feel safe and free from harm while at Canterbury College. If you feel unsafe at any time, you should report your concerns to Mr Daniel Walker (Principal), or one of our Student Protection Officers.

    Student Protection Officers include Mr Bill Garland (Head of Junior School), Mr Greg Wacker (Dean of Students) and Mr Fergus Trevethan (Counsellor). You can also report your concerns to any other member of staff. If you do not feel like talking, you may like to write a staff member a letter.

    What will happen if I tell a staff member what is happening?

    If the concern is worrying you, but not causing you harm or placing you at risk of harm, then the staff member will discuss with you ways to solve your problem.

    If the concern is serious and the staff member believes that you are being harmed or at risk of being harmed, they will report the matter to a Student Protection Officer or Principal.

    What if I don’t want the staff member to tell the Principal?

    The staff member will try to keep your concerns confidential as much as possible. However, if they are aware or reasonably suspect that harm has been caused by anyone to a student of the College, then the law says that the matter must be reported to the Principal and it may have to be reported to a state authority such as Queensland Police or Child Safety.

    If the staff member has no choice about reporting what you have told them, they will explain to you exactly what will happen next. Remember, the most important thing is that you feel safe and free from harm. You must tell someone if you are being harmed or afraid that you will be harmed.

    Please find all documents relating to child protection below. 

    Canterbury College Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

    Student Protection in Anglican Schools:

    School Policy (V1.1)

    School Procedures (V1.3)

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