Spiritual Life

Canterbury College's spiritual life is vibrant and multi-faceted. Faith is expressed according to the Anglican Ethos for Schools.

The Chaplain provides spiritual leadership and support to the College community and oversees the spiritual wellbeing of students, staff and families.

The spiritual life of the College Community is nurtured through:

  • prayer and Bible readings
  • opportunities to gather and worship together
  • weekly services of Holy Communion
  • regular year level Chapels
  • whole-school Chapels for Foundation Day, Ash Wednesday, Easter, End of Term and Christmas which are relevant and uplifting
  • the annual College Family Chapel when students and their families come together as a community
  • the preparation of students and family members for Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation, culminating in the annual Confirmation Service with the Regional Bishop presiding
  • the annual Carols@Canterbury service

Students from Years 6 to 12 attend a full day Retreat, which allows them ’time out’ to explore key Bible passages, respond to them creatively and relate them to their lives, and then come together for a Holy Communion service. The Spiritual Development Course is a whole-school program with a fully developed curriculum. Some key points are that:

  • the heart of the Spiritual Development course is encompassed in its title: ‘Life, Love and Joy! The Gospel of Jesus for Today’
  • the good news (Gospel) is explored from a different perspective in each year level and, in a practical, relevant way, it is applied to the lives of the students
  • in keeping with the Anglican emphasis on the development and use of reason, students are encouraged to think for themselves, to evaluate the material and the arguments for and against each issue, and to draw their own conclusions
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills are employed when studying ethical issues and completing assessment tasks.

A critical aspect of spiritual life at Canterbury is that of service to those in need, whether in the local community, wider Queensland and Australian community or overseas. The Canterbury College community is one of great compassion and generosity, and supports the ministry of many organisations, including the Anglican Board of Mission and Tufnell Residential and Crisis Care(TRACC) in Logan.

Inquiries regarding any aspects of the Spiritual Life at Canterbury College are welcomed and can be directed to Reverend Elroy Mee, College Chaplain who can be contacted via email. Our College Chaplain provides an essential service to the College, running the Good Shepherd Club, leading Year Level Retreats, and presiding over all College Chapel services.



The senior students of 2011 built the Bush Chapel, continuing the Canterbury tradition of each Year 12 cohort giving a graduation gift. Set among the trees and built from natural resources, the much-loved Bush Chapel is a wonderful setting for class Chapels.


This chapel was donated by The Anglican Church Grammar School shortly after Canterbury was founded. The gorgeous stained glass windows were installed by staff and students. Year level Chapels, class Eucharists, Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations are held here. Many past students return to the chapel for special occasions.