​Counselling Services

Personal Counselling

Confidential personal counselling is offered to students across all year levels through the fully qualified and experienced in-house counsellors.

Counselling sessions are confidential except where a student is at risk of harming themselves or others, or there are legal issues. The counsellor can assist with educational, personal, social, emotional and behavioural concerns about such areas as:

  • peer pressure and conflict
  • family breakdown
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem and body image
  • coping strategies
  • stress and relaxation
  • behaviour management
  • student safety and protection
  • community and agency links and referrals
  • bullying and conflict resolution
  • cyber-safety and cyber-bullying
  • mental health
  • physical health

Information about ways to access counselling varies depending on the age of the student.

Junior School

Students in Junior School (Kindy–Year 6) are referred through the Head of Junior School or Deputy Head of Junior School after a discussion with the student’s parents and/or teacher.

Secondary School

Students in Secondary School (Years 7–12) are referred through the Heads of House and Dean of Students, after a discussion with the student’s parents and/or teacher/s. Students in Secondary School can also self-refer by contacting the counsellor during morning or afternoon breaks and arranging a time to meet.

Parents and Carers

To ensure the guidance service remains equitable, parents with concerns about their child are asked to follow process and contact the relevant staff member listed above prior to contacting the counsellor.