Crest and Motto

Crest and Motto

The College Crest

The Canterbury College crest is derived from the crest of the See of Canterbury, which features the small pall (or 'Y' shape), representing the Archbishop’s pallium, as the central feature of the College crest. The cross at the top of the crest has a two-fold purpose. It represents the Christian Faith of the College and because it is a Maltese Cross, it also represents our State of Queensland which has this cross on its flag.

The book in the centre of the crest also has a two-fold representation. It symbolises the Holy Bible, a central part of our Christian faith and an essential element of our College, as well as representing the search for knowledge by the College’s students and staff.

The three arms of the pall that link together in the middle represent the linking of parents, staff and students to create the College.

The College Motto

The Latin phrase “Fortior Quo Paratior” means “The better prepared the stronger”. The motto relates to our preparation of students for their future. Being Prepared, Being Better, Being Stronger.