College Executive and Senior Leaders

College Executive

Daniel Walker - Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Fuller - Business Manager and Company Secretary 

Tamara Roth - Dean of Middle and Senior Schools

Bill Garland - Dean of Junior School


Senior Educational Leaders

Reverend Elroy Mee - College Chaplain

Deanne Hamilton - Director of Mission and Community

Greg Wacker - Director of Students Years 7-12 

David Peckham - Director of Students K-Year 6 

James Jenkins - Director of Learning and Innovation Years 7-12 

Luke Van Leuveren - Director of Learning and Innovation K-Year 6 

Glen Walker - Director of Sport and Activities Years 7-12 

Arnie Marraiya - Director of Sport and Activities K- Year 6 

Janet Wyvill - Director of Arts Academy


Corporate Services Leaders

Andrew Gardiner - Director of IT Services

Johan Louw - Financial Controller

Jenny Hoad - Manager Payroll and Human Resources

Lee Ryan - Manager of Facilities, Grounds and Security


Year Level Coordinators 

Middle School  Fiona Dixon

Year 7    Mafalda Stevenson

Year 8    Tegan Sutton

Year 9    Warren Musk

Senior School  Anne-Marie Gerlach

Year 10  Peter Vanderpoel

Year 11  Gabriel Chan

Year 12  Diana Glover