College Executive and Senior Leaders

Mr Daniel Walker
Principal and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Paul Diete
Deputy Principal
Mr Ken Fuller
Executive Director – Corporate Services and Company Secretary
Mrs Tammy Roth
Head of Secondary School
Mr Bill Garland
Head of Junior School
Mr Greg Wacker
Dean of Students
Ms Nancy Fadden
Director of Community Engagement

Senior Educational Leaders

Reverend Elroy Mee - College Chaplain

Deanne Hamilton - Director of Mission and Community

David Peckham - Director of Students K-Year 6 

James Jenkins - Director of Learning Innovation

Luke Van Leuveren - Director of Teaching and Learning K-Year 6 

Glen Walker - Director of Sport and Activities Years 7-12 

Arnie Marraiya - Director of Sport and Activities K- Year 6 

Janet Wyvill - Director of Arts Academy


Corporate Services Leaders

Andrew Gardiner - Director of IT Services

Johan Louw - Financial Controller

Jenny Hoad - Manager Payroll and Human Resources

Lee Ryan - Property Services Manager


Year Level Coordinators 

Academic Care (Years 7-9) Fiona Dixon

Academic Care (Years 10-12) Anne-Marie Gerlach

Year 7    Mafalda Stevenson

Year 8    Tegan Sutton

Year 9    Warren Musk

Year 10  Peter Vanderpoel

Year 11  Gabriel Chan

Year 12  Diana Glover