Our College

Canterbury College – The Better Prepared the Stronger

Welcome to Canterbury College, a coeducational award-winning school. We are very proud of what we can offer your child. At Canterbury College, we help students achieve their full potential in an inspiring and supportive environment.

We offer a rich curriculum promoting academic excellence and opportunities for personal growth. There are opportunities for all students to seek their own individual pathway, from early learning through to young adulthood. We provide flexible pathways to university, further education and training or employment.

A strong community is at the heart of Canterbury College - one that supports our students on their academic, social, physical and cultural journeys and works in partnership with families, the business community and tertiary education providers.

I believe this stimulating, supportive and inspiring environment will prepare our students for a successful future as strong, capable and responsible citizens, leaders and workers.

Please take some time to peruse our website to find out more about our philosophy, our story, our programs and about what sets Canterbury College apart from others.

I invite you to join us and find out how Canterbury College can inspire your children to reach their full potential.

Mrs Donna Anderson
Head of College